Presentation for Marketing

Presentation is the most important thing you can do to assist Agent to sell your home and make it look as attractive as possible to the potential buyers.

The following suggestions will assist in marketing your property and creating an impression to its best advantage to potential buyers.

 Outside (Maintain curb appeal)

  • Ensure the driveway is cleaned (water blaster if possible).

  • Ensure the lawn is mowed, pavers are swept and gardens or edging is weed free. The hedges are trimmed.

  • Ensure any water features, pools or spas are in working condition, clean and free from any leaves.

General (Creates impressions and full of positive energy)

  • Clean, neat & tidy – make sure the house is spotless and eliminate clutter.

  • Open blinds and curtains to ensure lighting. Emphasis is on good light and brightness.

  • Don’t forget the visual things like flower vases & fruit basket.

  • Make sure the light bulbs are all working. Repair any leaking taps, torn flyscreens and loose door knobs.

Kitchen/Bathrooms (Holds great appeal to buyers)

  • Clear all bench-tops – no kettles, toasters, mugs etc.

  • Clean & polish kitchen bench-tops & appliances (cooktop, oven, dishwasher, etc).

  • Remove ALL toiletries – shampoos, soaps, scrubbers, bath mats & scales and place in vanity cabinets.

  • Clean all shower screens.

  • Only one or two decorative towels in bathrooms.

 Choosing a method of sale

Deciding on the best method of selling your property you need to consider the specifics of your property, the neighbourhood and what’s happening on the current property market.

There are 3 common ways to sell the property.

Private Treaty: This involves the Agent and the seller agreeing on a selling price to market the property. Interested buyers make an “offer” and the seller either accepts or commence to negotiate a counter offer until a mutually agreeable sale price is met.

Auction: This method of sale usually involves a 4-6 weeks of extensive marketing, plenty of open houses and advertising of the events to engage potential buyers to show interest. The auction venue, date and time is set for interested buyers to attend.

Prior to auction the seller sets the “reserve price” and this is the lowest price he is willing to accept for sale. Once the auctioneer begins and reaches the reserve price, the highest bid on the day will result in a sale. Or the property will be “passed in” and the Agent will then negotiate a price with the interested bidders.

Any property sold at Auction has no cooling off period and the contracts are unconditional.

Sale by Tender: This method of sale is for unique properties that may be difficult to price. It works like a silent auction where the potential buyers submit an offer in writing and the offer is locked in a tender box until a specified time. When the box is opened the owner of the property reviews the tender offers and decides if any are acceptable or not. If any tender is successful, the sale of the property continues to completion meeting all of the sale conditions.

Costs involved in Selling

  • Agents fees
  • Marketing Costs
  • Auctioneer fees (If Auction is method of sale)
  • Conveyancing & legal Costs
  • Other costs: Any repair costs, Moving/Relocation Costs, Bank settlement Costs.


AB Realty offers free market appraisal; this report lists the past sold comparable properties and the current ones on for sale. Give us a call and see what we can do for you to assist in achieving your goals.